Notes for Interview

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Please do the self-test first, before the formal interview.

It has these advantages:
1. Check the status of equipment and environment,
2. Understand the process of video interview, and
3. Check your facial expression and volume in the video.


Please use CHROME to interview, and make sure your camera and microphone have turned on.

(It does not support the following browsers: IE, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.)

Please install the HRDA app to interview.

If you can’t use the app, please open the interview link with CHROME.
(It does not support the following App to interview: Gmail, Line, and others.)

※If you’re an iOS user, please use HRDA App to interview.

(Because Apple blocks the access authority of camera, we can not support the web interview on iPhone / iPad.)


•The suggested upload bandwidth is at least 10MB/s.
You can use the link below to test the speed:

•Before the interview, please keep the stable network and close the other applications and pages in the browser, which consume higher bandwidth.